Energy Management System Support

For Emergency Service Please Call 416-736-0630

Basic Trouble Shooting

Should you suspect a Problem with your Energy Management System:

Check your Equipment Operation Manual and Schedule of Operation to determine if the Equipment should be on or off.

Confirm that Switches are in the AUTO or REMOTE Position. If the Equipment Operates in the HAND or LOCAL Position - the Equipment is OFF due to the Energy Management System. If you believe the Equipment should be in the ON State, please contact the Telephone Numbers below.

If the Equipment does not operate in either the HAND/LOCAL or AUTO/REMOTE Position there is almost always a problem with the Equipment itself. In this case:

  • Check Fuses and Breakers
  • Check Freeze Protection Thermostats (Freezestats) and Limits, Reset Electronic Ignitions by turning off then on.
  • Check Flow Switch and Low Water Cut-Off
  • Check Safety Devices (Air Flow Switch, Overloads, Fusible Links, Etc.)
  • Check for Excessive or Low System Pressures (Check Expansion Tank Sight Glass and/or System Pressure)
  • Check for Local Controls in series with Energy Management Controls

If you require the assistance of a Provident Technician, please call: 416-736-0630