Sustainability Services

Provident Energy Management Inc. is a leader in sustainable design services, and holds a Certificate of Authorization from Professional Engineers Ontario. Provident is a proud member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), Toronto Better Building Partnership, the Association of Energy Engineers, and the Illuminating Engineers Society of North America.

Local Green Standards

Many local and regional municipalities have implemented mandatory green design standards. Provident coordinates green standard requirements and streamlines it with the LEEDŽ process, if applicable. Our services include:

  • Coordinate requirements while providing technical support to design and construction teams, including assistance with calculations and submittals.
  • Liaise with the governing body’s third party evaluators.
  • Lead meetings with the design team to ensure sustainability requirements are achieved, and align these goals with the LEEDŽ system, if applicable.

LEED® Project Management

Provident professionals manage the entire LEEDŽ process, from project inception through to certification. Our services include:

  • Lead integrated design facilitation meetings to define Owner's sustainable goals.
  • Provide technical support to design and construction teams, including interpretation of credit intent and assistance with calculations and submittals.
  • Manage all letter templates, background calculations, and audit materials.
  • Prepare submission package, complete with project narrative, template binder, drawings, schematics, and background materials.

Building Energy Modeling

Building energy modeling provides a means to evaluate the energy efficiency of a proposed building design and determine the impacts of various design changes. Energy modeling is a key part of an integrated design process. It is a required prerequisite for LEED®, and is also used to demonstrate compliance with Ontario Building Code SB-10. Energy modeling is required for all projects in the city of Toronto under the Toronto Green Standard requirements. Provident is qualified under the CaGBC's Experienced Modellers List.

Potential services include:

  • Investigate impact of various design options on energy consumption.
  • Demonstrate energy code compliance including Ontario Building Code SB-10.
  • Demonstrate compliance with LEED® prerequisite and earn LEEDŽ energy credits.
  • Demonstrate compliance with Toronto Green Standard energy requirements for site plan approval applications.
  • Secure government and utility-sponsored financial incentives such as HPNC.
  • Third party energy model reviews.

Energy Measurement and Verification

Measurement and verification (M&V) provides for the ongoing accountability and optimization of building energy consumption. M&V offers a credit under LEEDŽ for new buildings. Our scope includes:

  • Review controls, mechanical and electrical equipment design to define equipment and quantities to be monitored for each of the required end uses.
  • Prepare periodic energy savings reports during the first year of operation, summarizing predicted vs. actual energy savings and identifying any major discrepancies.

Building Systems Commissioning

Commissioning is a quality control process to ensure the owner's functional and sustainability goals are met. Commissioning is a required prerequisite under LEEDŽ. Our full scope of service includes:

  • Assemble and review the owner's requirements and basis of design.
  • Prepare a commissioning plan including construction checklists.
  • Perform independent peer reviews of design and construction documents.

Selected LEEDŽ Project Portfolio