Central Plant Retrofits

There are a wide variety of options available to retrofit boilers in Central Plants. High efficiency boilers can replace standard efficiency boilers generating savings through reduced Natural Gas consumption. Coupled with an Energy Management System, even greater savings can be achieved through the implementation of Warm Weather Shut-Down, non-linear Indoor / Outdoor Reset and Load Matching (operating the boilers to provide sufficient heat for the greatest load).

Piping redesigns are a part of any Boiler Retrofit, and can include a Reverse Return Piping Arrangement or Primary / Secondary Designs. Provident includes piping re-design into consideration in any boiler retrofit.

While many Condominium Corporations have Reserve Funds that earmark funds for the replacement of boilers every 10 to 20 years, it can be advantageous to replace or retrofit boilers based on a combination of funds already earmarked and future savings.

Chillers can also be retrofitted or replaced based on energy considerations. Sometimes a Chiller retrofit is required in order to conform with regulations requiring elimination of ozone depleting substances. Does your current chiller experience leaks? Is the cost of maintaining the existing chiller increasing? Are chiller inefficiencies affecting the comfort of the residents? Answering 'yes' to any these questions may mean a retrofit or replacement is a viable option.

Corridor Fans
Retrofits for Corridor Fans can include installing Variable Frequency Drives on Blowers and Pumps, as well as conversions to add Air Conditioning, or to convert Heat Sources. Energy can also be reduced through the use of an Energy Management System to add features such as free heating or cooling as well as scheduling hours of operation.

Energy Management Systems
In any retrofit, Provident recommends including some form of an Energy Management System. Please refer to our section on Energy Management Systems for a full discussion of the features and benefits of this application.