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During this challenging time surrounding COVID-19, we are taking proactive steps to help to ensure the health and well-being of our people, while continuing to service our customers.

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State-of-the-art systems that put you in control

Energy Management

Traditional electromechanical controls are designed to achieve limited goals. Today’s high energy costs and complex HVAC systems demand better control and monitoring.

Provident supplies and installs state-of-the-art energy management and monitoring systems from major manufacturers like Siemens™. From complete hands-off remotely managed systems to remotely supported systems with local interfaces, property managers, owners and residents can benefit from a multitude of system features.

Our monitoring service includes a number of measures designed to maximize your return on investment. Energy reporting, 24/365 critical systems monitoring, comprehensive and preventative maintenance are just some of the features included with our monitoring service.

System Overview

As with virtually any business today, the introduction of computers and electronics have been used in building operations to achieve efficiency and comfort.

The fundamental advantage of Energy Management Systems is the ability to integrate different pieces of equipment across a facility. For example, when operating equipment, a common outdoor air reference can be used. Where a fan system would not otherwise reference the outdoor air temperature, these systems now can. So, when a fan would otherwise operate all pumps and valves at the same time, we can now turn these sub-components off when outdoor air conditions allow. Such a strategy would be referred to as free heating or cooling (as the case may be). Another example is in the operation of primary boilers. Normally, where these boilers would be set to operate to provide sufficient heating for any given load in a building, these loads can be compared and a set-point calculated to provide only that heat needed to meet the highest load at the time.

Our clients can harness the power of this technology to:

  • Schedule Equipment
  • Optimize Operation
  • Trend Temperatures & Statuses
  • Monitor Equipment in Real-Time
  • Achieve Savings through Customized Programming

Another feature that Provident insists upon for our Energy Management Systems, is the use of feedbacks to determine the state of controlled equipment. It is one thing to have a computer turn things on and off, it is quite another to be able to verify that the equipment actually is going on and off. For this reason, Provident installs not only outputs to pieces of equipment, but has feedback to confirm proper equipment operation.