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Provident is a leader in multi-residential metering solutions. For existing buildings, we offer a number of options for in-suite metering and billing. Working with metering systems from a variety of manufacturers, we can provide an end-to-end turnkey offering that includes installation, certification, maintenance, data collection, funds transfer, invoice generation, collections and an outstanding customer service team available to answer any questions or concerns that suite owners may have.

We can easily transfer existing billing services contracts to Provident with no interruption of service, or more importantly, cash flow.

For new construction, Provident offers even more enhanced metering solutions including thermal, gas, electricity and water metering. Our engineering department can design a metering system that will off-load almost all in-suite energy costs from common area elements, resulting in significantly lower common area expense.

For our customers, we provide a wide range of payment options, including internet and telephone banking options, pre-authorized funds transfer and cheques.

All of this is available at a cost that is among the lowest in the industry.

Thermal, Gas, Electricity and Water

For suites that receive heating from a central plant, there is no better way to properly allocate costs than with the use of a thermal meter. These meters measure the temperature of the heating or cooling medium entering and leaving the equipment within your suite and also measure the flow of that medium. By determining the volume of medium (flow) and the temperature differential (between the entering and leaving medium) the amount of energy used can be determined. Given the cost per unit of energy delivered from the central plant, a bill can be generated.

Like electricity, natural gas can be sub-metered, and with a known cost per unit of volume, bills can be generated for an individual suite. Provident can also provide metering for mixed use facilities, where retail units may be served by the main gas meter for an entire facility.

Like gas sub-metering, electricity can be sub-metered for proper cost allocation. Again, Provident can offer not only in-suite metering in multi-residential facilities, but also for mixed-use units within that facility. For detailed information on electrical sub-metering, refer to our sub-metering page.

Water sub-metering may be an option. Certainly in new construction, with new piping technology (Kitec™, for example) where there is a single entry point for all water supplied to a suite, meters can be installed to properly allocate costs.